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Haffenreffer Museum, Brown University - Bristol RI

September 11 / 12 / 13 / 14, 2003

We received an invite to put on a display at the Haffenreffer Museum at Brown University. Since Rhode Island wasn't a place we had gotten lost at yet we decided to go. It was quite a bit of fun -- especially having the water so close by. There wasn't time for a lot of sight seeing but Unn and Kjarval did make a little time Sunday to go have a look at the "viking" tower nearby. Apparently its not as big as its reputation.

This exhibit did have one very unusual element in it. Kevin Smith was giving daily lectures about the Norse culture. This meant that one a day we got a large crowd of folks all at once who came prepated to see us. No questions about horns on the helms, no questions about the local tower. The quality of the questions was absolutely first rate. "What artifact evidence did you base this mail shirt on? Is this size of wite and ring compatible with the other finds?". Not easy to do first person interpretation but a joy to be able to speak in depth about topics we love.

We were joined in this presentation by Michele. A friend we had met at the Viking Millenium Conference in Newfoundland in 2000. Having finished her Ph.D. thesis on the casting of broaches it was fun watching the attempts to make them over a bellows powered charcoal fire.

Press coverage for this presentation is available here.

On to the pictures then. Loosely groups by where people were. Not many pictures this time I'm afraid as we were all a little busy.

Unnr and Bera in their workspace

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
Unnr Unnr Bera Kitchen
thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
Kitchen Starting fire Fire started Unnr & Bera

Kaðlín's loom.
thumbnail thumbnail   
Kaðlín's weaving Kaðlín's loom

Ragnarr playing games again.

thumbnail thumbnail   
Ragnarr talking Discussion group

Its a little tricky to separate out Kjarval and Michele (who joined us for the day). They were doing some bronze casting (broaches) that day.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
Opening mould Opening mould Casting Heating
thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
Michele Kjarval bellows Cooling Michele lecturing
thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail  
Kjarval Kjarval Kjarval smithing

Ketill and the blacksmith's space.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
Ketill lecturing Crowded Anvil Ketill lecturing

A little look arond the grounds, including a busy moment at the blacksmith's shop
thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail  
Open space Museum building Busy time

The curator drops by for a visit and picks up a little something along the way...

Father and daughter
      Updated: 4 Dec, 2007
Text © Neil Peterson, 2003
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