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Nothing can bring the past to life like costumed historic interpreters surrounded with the personal goods and tools of the Viking Age. Artefacts that seem puzzling when seen in a book suddenly become clear when seen in use or in the hand. The interplay of materials, tools and technique are easily related to form and function when in the hands of a skilled demonstrator.

DARC would be happy to assist you in teaching units about the Vikings (Grade 6 explorers, Grade 4 Medieval History) or about Archaeology, Experimental Archaeology, or Anthropology. thumbnail
We are also happy to hear from School boards interested in teacher training for PD day seminars. We are putting together a comments and errata page about the current textbooks. We have provided a list of children's books and our comments here. Finally we have members in many cities across Ontario and we would be interested in discussing with you how a visit by one or more of our people would add to your school's enjoyment of the unit. thumbnail
Our presentors can show up in costume or in street clothes. Presentations can be done either as a norse character, or as a modern lecturer, or a combination of the two. Programs can range from 1 hour to multiple days. Demonstrations can be arranged either passively (we simply show your class) or actively (hands on time for the class). thumbnail
Some of the methods we have used with previous teachers:
  • Interview a viking about landing in Canada for the school newspaper
  • Question and answer session with the viking
  • Soapstone carving demonstration
  • Coin making demonstration
  • Jewelry making demonstration
  • Weaving and spinning demonstration
  • Armour and weapons
  • Clothing styles
  • Rank and wealth and the viking world
  • Games and pastimes
  • Blacksmithing demonstration
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To discuss how we can assist you please email us or contact

Neil Peterson
(519) 883-8588

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