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Woodstock Museum, NHS - Woodstock ON

February 2nd to March 30th, 2002

Event flyer
This was a different museum exhibit. It was mounted by Darrell Markewitz at the Woodstock museum. Displays included the replica of the Bayeaux Tapestry done by Raymond Duggan and works of art inspired by that tapestry.
Darc's own Ketill, Grimbold, Dagmar, and Gudrun had pieces on display in the exhibit.

One fine Feb. Day the DARC crew was brought in to give a little "live action" colour to the display. Notice that in this exhibit many of the costumes are subtlely different from our more usual pieces. As this was a Norman conquest demo the costumes tended more to Anglo-saxon or Norman.

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Astrid's cradle Ragnarr gaming Kjarval carving Grimbold & Astrid
Gudrun weaving
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