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Iron Smelt at Baron's Howe - September 2006

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Scaled shot after cooling. The smelter has been knocked over towards the back right corner. The bellows would have been in the lower right corner of this photo. The debris field is significant. The three larger stones to the centre were originally part of the smelter base, so mark its location, If the slag bowl had remained in place it would be located there The large void in the pattern to the lower right marks the location of the bellows. The void to the far left marks the position of the smelt master. to the right rear is found unburned charcoal. This is spillage from adding fuel to the hot smelter. To the centre rear is a mixture of partially burned charcoal, ash and fragments of partially reduced and sintered ore. This all is material scooped from the smelter during the attempt at a top extraction. To the lower left is a tongue of mixed slag fragments. This is material from the attempt at extraction through the tap arch. This also includes various qualities of tapped slag. To the extreme lower left was the location of the anvil stone. Fragments of 'mother' (lacey bloom and slag bowl) would be found around the stone here.

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Text © Darrell Markewitz, 2017
Photographs © Neil Peterson, 2017

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