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DARC Bibliography - Fiction

Title Author Publisher ISBN Comments
Dragon & the Raven G.A. Henty Blackie & Son Ltd, London UK    
Eaters of the Dead Michael Crichton Ballantine Books, NY, NY, 1976 345354613  
Eiriksdottir Joan Clark Penguin, Toronto, Ont, 1994 140249508  
Haakon #1: The Golden Axe Erik Neilson Bantum Books, 1984 553236393  
Haakon #2: Haakon's Iron Hand Erik Neilson Bantum Books, 1984 553243683  
Haakon #3: The Vikings Revenge Erik Neilson Bantum Books, 1984 553239244  
Horned Helmet Henry Treece Puffin Books, Middlesex, UK, 1963 140302352  
Hrolf Kraki's Saga Poul Anderson Baen Publishing, NY, NY, 1973 671654268  
Lord of Hawkfell Island Catherine Coulter Berkley Publishing Group, NY, NY, 1993 515112305  
Swords from the north Henry Treece Puffin Books, Middlesex UK, 1967 140311386 Harald's Saga
The Last Viking #1: The Golden Horn Poul Anderson Kensington Publishing Corp., 1980 890835977  
The Last Viking #2: The road of the Sea Horse Poul Anderson Kensington Publishing Corp., 1980 890836108  
Viking Fabio Avon Books, NY, NY, 1994 380770482  
Viking Saga Henry Treece Cox & Wyman, Ltd., Reading, UK, 1985 140317910 Contains Viking's Dawn, The Road to Micklegath, Viking Sunset
Viking's Dawn Henry Treece Puffin, Middlesex, UK, 1955 140303200  
West Viking Farley Mowat Atlantic Monthly Press, Toronto, Ont., 1965 LCC6520746  
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