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Materials produced by DARC folk

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of any material listed here goes to help support DARC in its experiments.  We appreciate your patronage!
Author Title and Link Description
Darrell Markewitz Iron Smelting in the Viking Age

This disk is a compilation of a number of materials related to an ongoing experiments concerned with Iron in the Viking Age.  

The collection contains over 600 images, most of them large scale (20 x 14). It also contains a number of working drawings and plans.Several articles included are primary rough drafts for papers and reports currently under production.

Darrell Markewitz Forging in the Viking Age

In 1997, Professional Blacksmith and Interpretive Program Designer Darrell Markewitz was contracted by Parks Canada to create the 'Viking Encampment' for L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC. The Viking Encampment presentation included some 150 replica objects. A staff of six, was trained to portray the people and elements of the life as it would have been undertaken by the Norse in Vinland circa 1000 AD. Creation of these pieces required extensive research, application of historic techniques, and close attention to details.

This two and a half hour program was taped during the creation of these same replicas and reproductions. Forging the Viking Age centres on the forge work. Follow the production of a number of specific objects, with commentary on both the original source artifacts and detailed background on the replicas. Much of the footage takes place in the forge, as raw bars are hammered into the finished objects.

Darrell Markewitz Viking Game

Viking Game from the Wareham Forge. A modern version of the Norse game hnefatafal or Kings Table. Ideal for teens or historic re-enactors of the Viking Age. Made in Canada - purchase here and DARC recieves a $5 donation. This easy to play game for two players combines strategic depth with bright glass and pewter pieces on a printed fabric board - all in an easy to carry cloth bag.

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Text © Darrell Markewitz, 2006
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