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DARC Bibliography - Textiles


Title Author Publisher ISBN Comment
Birka I, Die Graben Arbman, H Stockholm, 1944    
A New Method for the Analysis of Ancient Dyed Textiles Abrahams, David H, and Sydney M Edelstein, 1964   American Dyestuff Reporter 53:19-25
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En trondensk jernaldergrav med tekstiler Blindheim, Charlotte Viking, 1946    
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L Halapy and R Tringham (tr)
Budapest, 1974    
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Birka III: Die Textilfunde Geijer, Agnes Uppsala, 1938    
A History of Textile Art Geijer, Agnes
R. Tanner (tr)
London, [1972] 1979    
Studies in Textile History Gervers, Veronika Toronto, 1977    
Stepping Through Time. Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times until 1800 Goubitz, Olaf, van Driel-Murray, Carol, and Groenman-van Waateringe, Willy Stichting Promotie Archeologie, Zwolle (Netherlands), 2001 90-801044-6-9 This book organizes shoes by type, rather than stricly by time period or location.
Olddanske Tekstiler Hald, Margrethe Copenhagen, 1950    
Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs and Burials Hald, Margarethe The National Museum of Denmark,
Publications of the National Museum Archaeological-Historical Series Vol XXI, 1980
87-480-0312-3 This book offers a good introduction to the woven fabrics, sprang, braiding, and naalbinding, as well as descriptions of many finds
Costumes of the Bronze Age in Denmark Hald, Margrethe, and HC Broholm Copenhagen, 1940    
The Warp-weighted Loom Hoffman, Marta Oslo, [1964], 1974    
The Woad Plant and Its Dye Hurry, JB London, 1930    
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Arkaeologiske Skrifter 2, 1988
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Textiles in Northern European Archaeology: Report from the 6th NESAT Symposium, 7-11th May 1996 in Boras Jorgensen, Lise Bender and Christina Rinaldo, eds Goteborgm 1998   NESAT VI
Pictoral Weaving from the Viking Age Krafft, Sofie Oslo, 1956    
Primitive Scandinavian Textiles in Knotless Netting Odd, Nordland Studia Novegica No. 10.
Oslo University Press, 1961
  This is probably the most comprehensive book around on the history of naalbinding and its uses.
Der Thorsberger Prachtmantel Schlabow, Karl Neumunster    
The Domestication and Exploitation of Plants and Animals Ucko, Peter J and GW Dimbleby eds Chicago, 1969    
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Title Author Publisher Comment
Notes on Archaeological Finds of Textiles and Textile Equipment from the Norse Western Settlement in Greenland Arnborg, Jette and Else Ostergard In Jaacks and Tidow, 1994 NESAT V
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A review of Viking Age textiles and fibres from Scotland: an interim report Gabra-Sanders, Thea In Jorgensen and Rinaldi, 1998 NESAT VI
Jarvardr Yllir - A Fourth Weapon of the Valkyries in Darradarljod? Gudjonsson, EE Textile History 20(2): 185-97, 1989  
Nogle bemaerninger om den islandske vaegtvaev, vefstadur By og bygd Festsrift til Marta Hoffman Gudjonsson, EE Norske Folkemuseums Arbok XXX (Oslo 1985) pp 116-28, 1983 based on Decorative Weavings Produced on the Icelandic Warp-weighted Loom Prefaced by Some Notes on the Setting up and Weaving of Vadmal, an unpublished paper delivered 21 September 1983 at the 10th CIETA conference in Lyon
Warp-weighted Looms in Iceland and Greenland Gudjonsson, EE In Jaacks and Tidow, 1994 NESAT V
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The Nettle as a Culture Plant Hald, Margrethe Folk-Liv 6: 28-49, 1942  
Ancient Textile Techniques in Egypt and Scandinavia Hald, Margrethe Acta Archaeologica 17: 49-98  
Nalebinding: definition and description Hansen, Egon In Walton and Wild, 1990, 21-27 NESAT III
It is the best description of different naalbinding stitches I have found anywhere. I found it much better than either Odd's or Hald's descriptions and extremely useful when creating my own pieces.
Technical Variations in Pre-Medieval Tablet-Weaving Hansen, Egon In Jorgensen, Magnus and Munksgaard, 1988 NESAT II
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