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DARC Bibliographies - Vidos

Title People Year, Company Link Comments
13th Warrior John McTiernan, Antonio Banderas 1999, Touchstone Imdb The movie based on the book based on some lines from Ibn Fadlan and the old beowulf tales. Outside of the Ibn Fadlan inspired opening, not all that accurate but still a fun movie.
Beowulf & Grendal Sturla Gunnarsson 2005, Movision Imdb  
Beowulf Christopher Lambert 1999 Imdb  
Big Build: Viking Longboat        
Blood of Beasts Jane Marsh, William Gregory Lee, Justin Whalin, David Lister 2003 < href="">Imdb  
Erik the Conqueror Cameron Mitchell, Mario Bava 1961 Imdb  
Eric the Viking Terry Jones 1989 Imdb Fun, funny.
Horrible Histories - Viscous Vikings animated 2001, Scholastic    
Leif Ericson the boy who discovered america        
Leif Eriksson: Voyage of a viking        
Littlest Viking Knut W. Jorfald, Lars Rasmussen 1989 Imdb  
Long Ships, The Jack Cardiff 1964, Avala Imdb  
Pathfinder Marcus Nispel 2007, Vinland Productions Imdb Right we get it - Indians good, vikings bad.
Viking Age        
Viking Deception       A pretty decent look at the "Vinland Map" contraversy. Covers the history, science, and various theories. Well worth a viewing.
Viking Explorers        
Viking Queen, the Don Murray, Carita 1967 Hammer Britons fight back against unjust Roman occupation. The only connection to vikings is one line repeated twice about the heroine's mother being a viking queen. Since we are dealing with the roman occupation clearly the timeline doesn't fit. Still for silly 60s schlock it was vaguely amusing - just don't figure to learn anything about vikings from it.
Viking Saga Michael Chapman, Ralf Moeller 1995 Independant Imdb  
Vikings, the Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine, Janet Leigh 1958, Brynapod S.A Imdb A fun movie that started many of us on the viking road, but hardly accurate given what we now know. The 20 minute "making of" that comes with the DVD is well worth the price. It talks about the research underlying the film.
Vikings - journey to new worlds Marc Fafard 2004, Sky High Imdb  
Vikings, the Mikael Agaton 1999, Nova Imdb
Vikings - Tulane University course        
Vikings in North America        
Vinland Mystery   1984, NFB Imdb  
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