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Althing Sep 2009

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A composite of the shapes worked during the day. The goal of this sequence was to create one bead of each shape found in the Callmer's typology. If I am evaluating them correctly they are in order 121, 122 - although the ends are a little flat when the goal is rounded. Note that a 121 (spherical) and a 122 (rounded without plane parallel ends) are the same except where the length/diameter ratio is concerned. Next is 123 (rounded/ribbed without parallel ends), followed by 124 and 125 (the same as 122/123 exept with plane parallel end). Then 126 which has an oval cross section which can't be seen in this photo. 127 (Cylindrical) is next, followed by two attempts at a 128 (truncated cone). The final one appears most like a 135 (square cross section). Control of material is much more difficult over an open furnace like this when compared to working over a torch in a studio.

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