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Dyeing and Baking experiments - 2002

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Entrance to the bread oven, built from rocks and cement. In period, the cement would be dried mud. We used cement for speed (dries to usefulness faster). There's no pictures of the bread because it got eaten too fast! The oven was first fired up for about 45 minutes to burn out the interior wooden structure that Ketill used to build the oven around and to help dry out the structure and cure it. At some point that fire burned out and Ragnarr, taking this picture, didn't let us know so we had to build another fire to reheat the oven before baking bread in it. When we were ready to bake the bread, we cleared out the coals from the second fire and put the bread in on a small metal plate and closed the door with a large stone relatively fitted to the door. From what we know, the Norse would have put the bread directly on the stone, but we prefered not to pick coal and stone residue from our edibles.

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Text © Neil Peterson, 2017
Photographs © Karen Peterson, 2017

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