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Norse Encampment - L'anse aux Meadows, NF - 2010

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Viking composite comb and one of the cloak pins Þorgrimr made on site at LAM. The comb is a typical small example, made of bone because the Icelanders had no native antler-bearing animals. A set of specialist tools were used, including a fine saw, an awl and spoon auger, a small hammer, and a ring & dot scribing tool. The rivets are copper alloy, and the black colouring in the decoration is a mix of fine soot and egg. The colouring is now worn from five years of regular use by my wife. The cloak pin is a recreation of the one found during archaeology on the site. It was made with only two tools - a small skeggox hatchet and a knife; which shows that, unlike the comb, most men and women in the Viking world had the tools to make one of these.

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