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Abstract: Viking Game from the Wareham Forge. A modern version of the Norse game hnefatafal or Kings Table. Ideal for teens or historic re-enactors of the Viking Age. Made in Canada - purchase here and DARC recieves a $5 donation. This easy to play game for two players combines strategic depth with bright glass and pewter pieces on a printed fabric board - all in an easy to carry cloth bag.

Bring the Viking Age into your Living Room with:

Viking Game!

From the Fury of the Northmen, oh Lord, deliver us... So wrote an English churchman in the early 800s. The 200 years just before the turn of the first millennium is known as the Viking Age, when sea born raiders from Scandinavia were the terror of Europe. These Vikings were just the most visible element of a dynamic people, known as the Norse, who shared a common language, religion, world view and material culture. Not all the people of Scandinavia were raiders, however. In most part they lived in independent farm households. They were skilled craftsmen, especially in ship building, metalwork and carving. Long winter nights were spent in story telling - and with games. The most popular game of the Viking Age was hnefatafl (nev - a - tah - full) which means kings table. It is a game with simple rules, but when it is combined with cunning minds, can become a battle of strategy!

Answer a Challenge 1000 Years in the Making !

Viking Game
is a modern upgrade of this historic game.

Each package includes:

38 glass drop counters
a hand cast, lead free pewter king piece
a playing board, hand screen printed on durable canvas
rule sheet (in English and French), with historical notes
all contained in a sturdy canvas drawstring bag

Viking Game is suitable for ages 10 to adult. The basic rules are simple: all pieces use the same movement, and capture by surrounding an opponent on two sides. The object of the game is for the defenders to get the king to one of the corner squares; for the attacker to stop him. A simple as this sounds, the strategy can be complex, and for two experienced players can become a contest of wits!

Viking Game package

Viking Game issupported by an educational web site at :

- allowing your family to get more details on the history of the game, and the Viking Age in general. An added value provided free of charge!

For more information on how the graphic elements for Viking game were derived from historic artifacts, go to Designing Viking Game.

Fun and History - at a reasonable cost!

Retail Price - $28.oo

Viking Game has been specifically designed to be affordable. (Other versions of Kings Table now available in Canada are mostly imported, and typically sell for about $50.)

Hand made in Canada by Canadians

At a time when so many small gift items are made off shore, Viking Game was designed and produced by Canadians, ensuring high quality craftsmanship.

Darrell Markewitz of the the Wareham Forge was the production designer for the new living history program at L' Anse aux Meadows NHS, Newfoundland. This Parks Canada museum is the only documented Norse site in North America, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Viking Encampment utilizes over 175 detailed reproduction artifacts to re-create daily life in the Viking Age circa 1000 AD. Darrell designed the graphics used for Viking Game, cut the mould and hand casts the pewter king pieces.

Neil Peterson is a long time student of the Norse, with a special interest in gaming and mead making. He has been involved in amateur re-enactment of the Viking Age for over 10 years. In 1996, he was part of the team who demonstrated living history at L' Anse aux Meadows, as captain Ragnar Ragnarsson. Neil researched the history of hnefatafl, wrote the rules and historic information for Viking Game, and is designing the educational web site.

Ask for it at Museum shops, Educational stores and better quality gift shops!

Order here and DARC recieves a $5 donation

Fast order via the paypal electronic payment system.

REVISED - Jan 2008 Ontario Residents Rest of Canada USA Residents
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These prices include 'surface' shipping via Canada Post to your address. Taxes for the various areas are included (GST for all Canadian addresses, Ontario PST to Ontario. For American customers - there should be no duty on this 100% Canadian made product under NAFTA.

For express (air mail) or international shipments, please refer to the information on Orders.

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