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Weaving on a Warp-Weighted Loom

Project #3: Tabby

Creator: Karen Peterson
Materials: warp weighted loom, loom weights are clay, warp is Icelandic 2 ply yarn, in lace-weight (20 wpi) and handspun weft
Artefacts used:
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So, Project 2 failed somewhat. I gave up on it because the sheds were sticky and too darned difficult to open. It just got very frustrating and I never wanted to work on it as a result.

So.... this new project sees me going back to a tabby weave. See Project 1 for a description of what a tabby weave is.

But....I've decided to use a wool yarn that is made from a sheep that is more likely to have existed in the Viking Era. Icelandic sheep ......blah, blah, blah.... weight of wool, etc., handspun weft.

Please continue to check in for updates.


Warp-Weighted Loom: studies in the history and technology of an ancient implement, Marta Hoffman. Robin and Russ Handweavers. first printed in 1964 as no.14 in the series Studia Norgevica.

North European Textiles until AD 1000, Lise Bender Jorgensen. Aarhus UP 1992. ISBN 8772884169
      Updated: 4 Dec, 2007
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