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DARC Bibliographies

Please note that some of these bibliographies have comments associated with the entries. We will add more comments as we have the time.

Link Description
Acta Archaeologica Partial index of Norse related articles (at least the english ones)
Artefacts Good pictures or descriptions of artefacts
Britain Britain, Ireland, Scotland, etc.
Children Various books aimed at a younger audience
Fiction Usually not accurate but fun
Food Food and Cooking
General General Works about the Viking Era
Iceland Settlements in Iceland, Greenland, and North America
Myths Myths and Legends
National Geographic Partial Index of articles
Runes Books about Norse reading and writing
Sagas Various published sagas
Scandinavia The home countries
Ships Details about the Viking ships
Textiles Specific textile references
Videos Various fiction and documentaries
Women Various women's topics

We also reccommend these biblios

Link Description
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